Contact Information

1500 S. Zarzamora #414
San Antonio, TX. 78207
Phone: 210-225-9200
Fax: 210-225-9203

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We stand by our High-Quality Produce!

Nino’s Fresh Cut Fruit and Veg. has been after quality since day one. We pride ourselves in offering a higher grade of quality packed, sealed, and ready to be delivered produce. Discover the wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we offer.

Fresh Cut Vegetables

BeetsDaikonMushroomsSweet potatoes
Bell Peppers - green, yellow, redEggplantMustard greensSwiss chard - red, green
BroccoliGarlicOnions - white, yellow, red, shallots, green onionsTomatillo
Cabbage - green, red, NapaGinger rootParsnipsTomatoes - salad, green house, roma, cherry, grape
Carrots - standard, mini, babyGreen beans - French, harvestPotatoes - russet, gold, redTurnips
CauliflowerHot peppers - jalapeno, Serrano, AnaheimRadishYucca root
CeleryJicamaSnow peas
Collard greensKaleSpinach
CucumbersLeaf lettuce - red, green , romaine, iceberg, Boston, endive, radicchioSquash - butternut, zucchini, yellow, spaghetti

Fresh Fruits

Apples - red, granny smith, royal gala, and other varietiesHoneydewOranges
Berries - strawberries, blue berries, black berries, raspberriesKiwiPapaya
CantaloupesLemonsPears - green, bosc
GrapefruitLimes - Persian, keyPineapple
Grapes - red, whiteMangoWatermelon



Specialty Produce

Broccoli and cauliflower florets
Salad blends
Spring mix
Pico de gallo

The Nino's Difference

Discover what makes Nino's Fresh Cut Fruit & Vegetables so delicious.