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1500 S. Zarzamora #414
San Antonio, TX. 78207
Phone: 210-225-9200
Fax: 210-225-9203

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We are committed to Food Safety


Nino’s Fresh Cut Fruit & Veg. has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of every piece of fruit and vegetable we process, cut or package.  We strictly adhere to all guidelines in forced by the HACCP plan and follow an effective Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure ( SSOP).

In order to prevent any unsafe food entering commerce we believe it is essential to obtain a full commitment to safety from all levels of personnel at Nino’s Fresh Cut Fruit & Veg.  We provide structured training, evaluations, and monitor results that enable us to continually improve. The primary goal of SSOP is to ensure our processing rooms, equipments, utensils, facilities and grounds are maintained at the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation as possible.

We are also PrimusGFS certified.



The GFSI mission is simple, but highly meaningful, for all stakeholders with an interest in ensuring the production of safe food. The mission is ‘continuous improvement in food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers.’

GFSI Objectives:

1. Reduce food safety risks by delivering equivalence and convergence between effective food safety management systems
2. Manage cost in the global food system by eliminating redundancy and improving operational efficiency
3. Develop competencies and capacity building in food safety to create consistent and effective global food systems
4. Provide a unique international stakeholder platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange and networking

The Nino's Difference

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